Welcome to Learning on the Loose, I am so glad you found us!

You and I have a lot in common, building lives doing what we love, creating memories and supporting people. 

When event rentals found me at Y2K, I knew I needed to be part of this family-style industry.  It was love at first sight! I made the jump from government employment overseas to join the Panache family in Florida within just a few short weeks. 

Innovative, inspirational and dedicated describe the Panache family culture established by Bob DeFriest and Kelly Murphy.  This foundation truly forged the path for me.  As Panache continued to grow, the need for a more formal approach to training and employee appreciation developed and my career in training launched.  Moving up through the ranks of the largest event rental company in the nation, I worked with the business leaders to develop action plans and training programs for the field.  I implemented a variety of training methods to deliver learning experiences efficiently and effectively to a wide audience of employees throughout many regions.

As a business owner you know wearing multiple hats can be overwhelming, letting your staff focus on the things they do best, the things they were hired to do will reduce stress and increase productivity.  Would you like to add an innovative, inspirational and dedicated professional to your team?  I would be honored to be an extension of your leadership team, investing in the development of your people and enhancing your customer experience.

As a training "guru", I believe employee development is critical to your business.  I don't believe you need to add to your headcount, spending dollars on salary, benefits and taxes, when that money could be reinvested in the team. 

You may be experiencing some growing pains and need some extra assistance: 
  • Evaluating your strategic business plan for training needs including job competency review
  • Merging teams together (change management)
  • Orientation/ culture program
  • On-boarding for sales, operations, event management and delivery
  • New product training
  • New process/ software training
  • Workshops for Sales (branding, networking, presentation, market planning, showroom appointments, etc.)
  • Inside Sales Skills (inbound, outbound, internet/ chat)
  • Customer Facing Customer Service (delivery team and event management)
  • Supervisor Fundamentals (coaching, counseling, appraisals)
  • Developing training skills in current staff members (Train-the-Trainer)

Adopt me into your business family and let's cultivate the talent to be fruitful, generate MORE REVENUE and INCREASE PROFITS.

My mission is to make your life easier by creating training programs, learning materials and coaching support that drives results for the individual, your business and your customers.  I want to help you DEVELOP your people, produce results and acheive goals.

Is it possible?


And together we can put together a winning plan for your business.