Training to Align with Strategic Business Plan
The key to successfully executing a strategic business plan is the people. Determining the skills and knowledge required to achieve the planned results and comparing these to individual competencies will reveal the probability for success.

Through a series of discovery and needs analysis sessions with the leadership team and subject matter experts, Learning on the Loose will provide an optimized training plan.  The development of the training components may be produced solely by Learning on the Loose or aggregated from a variety of sources to accomplish the learning sessions in a timely manner.  

All training will align with the company values and strategic goals. Reinforcement and coaching tools will be provided with every training program to increase the probability of application and retention.   
Sales and Leadership Training
It's all about revenue and profits, right?  

Involving everyone in the business puzzle will improve each of these areas, starting from the top down.  Every training moment includes a business acumen component to get the team thinking on their feet.  Learning on the Loose offers a variety of instructor-led workshops and virtual classrooms to upskill the team.
  • Train-the-Trainer:  Save training dollars and expand your training efforts by educating team members.
  • Time Management:  Improve productivity, communication and sales activity.
  • Research and Targeting:  Find and prioritize leads, make every call a warm call, expand organizational reach and prepare for targeted conversations.
  • More than an Order Taker:  Phone sales is often taken for granted.  Providing the customer with a relational/ benefit driven shopping experience results in greater conversion rates.
  • AND MANY MORE ... ( Click here to download a list of services.pdf)
Custom Development
To expedite employee engagement and learning uptake an out-of-the-box training solution may not be the answer.

At Learning on the Loose we can provide a variety of custom services. Here are a few solutions:
  • E-Learning/ Self-guided Interactive Modules
    • New Hire On-boarding "need to know" processes.
    • Introduce new systems, processes or products to employees and customers.
  • Virtual Classroom
    • Development and delivery of interactive training without the travel costs.  Bring geographically dispersed teams together to learn new programs, products, customer service needs, etc.
  • Instructor Led Materials
    • Provide your Training Director with additional resources to develop materials to be delivered on-site by local trainers or Learning on the Loose.
  • Technical Writing/ Standard Operating Procedures